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Amber / Silver earrings leaf

€65.00 49,50 €

Amber & Silver triangle

<p>Handmade amber &amp; silver earrings</p>

€49.50 35,00 €

Amber apple earrings

<p>Amber &amp; Silver earrings.</p> <p>This unique pair of earrings with the shape of an apple have the reknown color of amber of Chiapas. When light goes through the amber you can see the glow of it.</p>

€59.99 45,00 €

Dark Amber & Silver Earrings large

<p>Dark Amber &amp; Silver earrings.</p>

€59.50 39,00 €

Double Sphere Amber earrings

<p>Handmade earrings from amber &amp; stainless steel.</p>

59,50 €

Dragonfly earrings with red quartz

<p>Dragonfly silver earrings with red quartz.</p>

69,00 €

Sold out!

Earring drop silver

<p>Handmade earrings from certified amber</p>

49,99 €

Sold out!

Half Moon

<p>Handmade earrings made of Amber.</p>

€24.50 19,99 €

Hanger pumpu

<p>Unique amber earrings made of certified amber and silver 925</p>

€39.99 25,00 €


<p>Handmade earrings from certified amber and 925 silver.</p>

€65.00 45,00 €

Sphere Earrings

<p>Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since the Neolithinc time.</p>

59,50 €